Portable Personal Bioprotection Device


PPBD by PISHARODI ELECTRONICS to destroy airborne pathogens

For over 3 years, we have been working on finding an answer to COVID-19 and similar air borne infections. 

Unlike the other pathogens, there are many kinds of viruses that invade our body to become permanent residents creating acute and long term harm. 

We have to confront the viruses and destroy them, rather than living with them wearing protective measures.  

We should stop the viruses from entering the body and thus fight the viruses outside our body

We designed and developed the Portable Personal Bio-protection Devices with all these challenges in mind. 

We appreciate the community support and encouragement.

For additional information contact Rosalie M. Fernandez @ 956-594-4194 

Covid 19 News


Modification of Air Conditioners

With very few exceptions, several homes and most business offices have air conditioner inlet and outlet both on the ceiling.  This will make the air current stronger near the ceiling and weaker at the ground level.  In cold climate, when the inlet brings down hot air, this air has no reason to go to the ground level and bounce back to the outlet.  Since the hot air stays on the upper layers of the room it crawls along the ceiling and gets out through the outlet

The air is cooler and slower as the distance from the ceiling to the floor increases.  In the area of the room, where people move around or rest, especially in wheelchairs and hospital beds, the air is cool, stagnant, and dry.  This is the best condition for the COVID-19 droplets to settle down, evaporate and fill the room with the virion mist.  Another important fact is that in efforts to heat the lower portion of the room, the consumers use more energy and pay more for their air conditioning.  

Ultraviolet to Destroy COVID-19



WHO has advised that we do not use ultraviolet devices because of the potential harm to the skin, eye, etc. and even causing cancer.  This is on the understanding that the UV light is applied directly on the individuals.  UV devices are already in use to sterilize tabletops and surgical instruments, water purification, etc. where the individuals do not have to be near the devices.  The disadvantage of these devices is that light travels only in straight line and cannot go around furniture or equipment.  One of the methods we are proposing is to hire the readily available air to do the job.  Air can go around and under the furniture and equipment.  By weaponizing the air conditioners to purify the air, the air circulation can be converted into a self-cleaning system.  Combining this with the modification of the air conditioners that was already described, the air purification can be accomplished (Fig. 13).  These UV light units can be incorporated into the main air conditioners or the individual rooms, to accomplish “Total Air Purification”.

Vibration Assisted Brace System

These virions are taken up by the air conditioning system and circulated over the entire building. Our hypothesis is that the COVID-19 infects the buildings in this way. Anytime the infected person plants the virus in a building, the building gets infected. Treat the building not the patient." - Dr. Pisharodi