Air purification and disinfection apparatus and methods of use
 An air purification and disinfection system includes an apparatus having a housing, an ultraviolet disinfection chamber, an air mover, and an air distribution unit in communication with the disinfection chamber. Air is passed through the disinfection chamber where it is purified and disinfected before it is delivered to the user of the apparatus through the air distribution unit. The apparatus can be configured as an open or a closed circuit system. The system may be configured to purify air in an airplane, a conference room, a classroom, or as a portable unit for an individual user. As a portable unit the disinfection chamber can be incorporated into a back pack, a vest, a purse, a briefcase, a shoulder bag, a cervical collar, or any other format for being carried by the user.

Systems, apparatus and methods for purifying air
 Systems, apparatus and methods for disinfection of airflow. An apparatus for disinfecting air-conditioned airflow in a confined space includes: a modular housing; and a disinfection chamber enclosed within the housing. The disinfection chamber includes a plurality of disinfection sheets. Each disinfection sheet comprises a plurality of ultraviolet (UV) light sources. The airflow is configured to be routed along a serpentine pathway within the housing to expose microorganisms in the airflow to far UV-C light emitted by the UV light sources for an extended and optimal duration.