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To help those in need with a safer way of controlling pain, in order to better the quality of life. This non invasive medical device helps with headaches, back pain, and neck pain.


We are developing more medical devices to help people increase productivity by removing pain in order to resume their day to day activities.

Harvesting the power of Wave Vibration Therapy

  1.         Through our smartphone application, users can effortlessly manipulate and manage Vi-Cap, all with a simple touch. We understand that pain fluctuates during the day and is unique to each individual. By altering the wave pattern's amplitude and frequency, you can adapt it to align with your current requirements, providing personalized and adaptable pain alleviation.

Functional principle of pain perception

       The Vi-Cap exploits the principle that the perception of pain can be inhibited by the input of another stimulus. The Vi-Cap utilizes vibration receptors, which travel up to ten times faster than pain receptors, to inhibit pain from being interpreted by the brain.
       In essence the vibratory output of the Vi-Cap’s wave technology will block or crowd the sensation of pain from being perceived by your brain. Unlike other devices for managing pain, the Vibration Cap can be used continuously throughout the day with zero risk of nerve desensitization due to our patented alternating wave patterns.
App Controlled

To get started, follow these steps:

Download the App

    • Simply download the app to your smartphone using the link/QR code below.

    • Power Your Cap
    • Connect your cap to a power bank using the provided USB cable.

  1. Connect to Your Device

    • Press the connect button on the APP to allow it to connect to your device.

  2. Switch Between Modes

    • Click the left or right buttons on the screen to switch between the existing modes, this will generate a rotation effect.(see Video Below)

  3. Initiate the Vibration Sequence

    • Move the selected feature to the center of the screen and select it to initiate the vibration sequence.

  4. Increase Vibration Intensity

    • Press the same feature again to increase the vibration intensity.

Android App


iOS App

iOS app

Vibration Device Demo